Llamaskar Sangha & Unstudio
Llamaskar Sangha & Unstudio

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Study, reflect, gain motivation, and community. Join the herd and get cozy in our llama lounge!

About Us

🦙✨Welcome to Llamaskar 2024, a vibrant haven where your journey of self-discovery and wellness is at the heart of everything we do. 🦙✨

Imagine a place where yoga isn't just a practice but a pathway to inner peace, where mindfulness isn't just a method but a means to a more meaningful life. At Llamaskar, we embrace the unique journey of every individual. Our base membership, The Pasture, offers a foundation for those beginning their wellness journey, with access to various yoga classes, meditation sessions, and engaging community activities that cater to all levels. It's perfect for those just starting or wishing to maintain a consistent practice amidst a supportive group.

Our diverse classes and events are designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul. From dynamic yoga flows to calming meditation practices, every session is an opportunity to explore new dimensions of wellness. Our community events and workshops, led by experienced practitioners, offer insights into various wellness topics, encouraging you to learn and grow.

You want a lifestyle of revolutionary kindness, not a gym membership.

For those seeking to delve deeper, our specialized 200-level spaces led by our llamazing leaders offer an immersive experience. Here, you can explore advanced practices, specialized workshops, and intimate group sessions that cater to your personal growth and holistic well-being. These spaces provide an opportunity to deepen your practice, expand your knowledge, and connect with leaders and peers who share your passion.

Llamaskar isn't just a community; it's a movement towards a balanced and joyful life. It's about embracing authenticity, finding your tribe, and thriving in a space where wellness and connection are celebrated. Join us on this llama-infused journey, where every step is an adventure towards self-discovery and holistic well-being.

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Snag our community zine and stay in touch, lovely llama! We'll send you the occasional publication filled with love from our herd to your inbox. This is a community collaboration with many fun writers and artists joining us. We truly hope you enjoy it. It also contains a special membership offer for those who need a way around the dollar signs. 
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