Llamaskar Sangha & Unstudio
Llamaskar Sangha & Unstudio

Welcome to Llamaskar Sangha & Unstudio

Study, reflect, gain motivation, and community. Join the herd and get cozy in our llama lounge!

Calling all quirky, outrageous, and playful adventure seekers! Are you ready to join our sangha of asana avengers, and tap into your conscious self to achieve some serious transformation?

Look no further because we're an "unstudio" that's got everything you need to level up your self-awareness and deepen your mindfulness practices. We've got regular yoga and meditation practices for both adults and kids, rotating workshops with guest presenters, teacher trainings, and even LIVE events that'll have your whole fam feeling like a total Zen pro. 

Our ideal member is disappointed with "the business of western yoga" and its gurus... Yep, I said it. Maybe you are new and are not finding the meaning you'd hoped for. Or a long-time yogi who's just lost that spark and is seeking deeper exploration and connection.   We believe that each and every person has a unique path to follow, and we're here to help you discover and embrace yours. 

You want a lifestyle of revolutionary kindness, not a gym membership.

Our goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who are motivated to improve themselves and the world around them. We are committed to inspiring and guiding others towards self-realization and we do it all while honoring our individuality and personal authenticity. We're not here to tell you what to do or how to be - we're here to support you in finding your own way. 

You're gonna be feeling like your truest self in no time, all thanks to the hype of our supportive llama herd! It's time to find your place and elevate our consciousness together! 

Meet our Leadership and view enrollment options!

Firefly Mystic JerseyMoon, The Elemental Enchanter JerseyMoon, our Firefly Mystic, is a guardian of the esoteric and a guide to the elemental energies that weave through our lives. His expertise in spiritual practices and ritual craft offers a path to personal empowerment and a deeper connection with the natural world.  See enrollment upgrades with this Llamazing Leader. 

Wellness Whisperer Tracy, The Mythic Mat Maven Tracy, our Wellness Whisperer, is a conduit for ancient wisdom in the modern world. Her deep knowledge of yogic traditions and integrative wellness strategies enriches lives, offering a compass for holistic health and inner harmony. See enrollment upgrades with this Llamazing Leader.

Light of Self Sage Andrew, The Hatha Healer Andrew, our Light of Self Sage, brings a wealth of experience from the birthplace of yoga. His profound understanding of Hatha yoga and pranayama techniques provides a foundation for physical and spiritual well-being, guiding members toward a balanced and enlightened existence. See enrollment upgrades with this Llamazing Leader.   https://www.buymeacoffee.com/andrewlightofself

Not quite ready for membership but want to keep in touch?

Snag our community zine and stay in touch lovely llama! We'll send you the occasional publication filled with love from our herd to your inbox. This is a community collaboration with so many fun writers and artists joining us. We truly hope you enjoy it. 
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